In Greek mythology, Coeus was one of the titans, the titan of Inquisitiveness.

As per Ancient Greek, Coeus means Query, Questioning & Intelligence

Coeus - Purpose

We strive to reach our Client’s brands to the hearts of our consumers by way of :

Core Team – Kavitha Srinivasan

With more than 2 decades of experience, Kavitha has worked across agencies in South India, gaining expertise in not only handing International and National clients, but also has rich experience in handling retail and regional clients as well. Her knowledge and experience will bring in efficient understanding of the market dynamics and consumer understanding clubbed with expertise in media – traditional & new age.

Core Team - Narasimman

With about 20+ years of experience, Narasimman has worked both at an agency and at client end, thereby gaining immense understanding on both the operations. His expertise lies in identifying the right opportunities that are available in the market or to create new opportunities that will best suit the client / brand requirements. This coupled with his excellent relationship with media houses enables the clients he handles not only get the best possible rates but also immense support in all possible ways.

Why Coeus?

Unmatched experience
Sound market knowledge and expertise
Excellent media relationships